Accident on Skyhawk at Cedar Point Injures Two

Last night, Cedar Point’s Skyhawk experienced an accident that injured two people. At around 10PM, one of the cables on the Skyhawk ride vehicle detached. Reports from eyewitnesses say that the cable then knocked down a significant portion of the fencing separating the ride area from the midway. Source:

Enthusiast Rides Wooden Coaster for 40 Hours

A British dad has raised over £1,000 after riding the Megafobia roller coaster at Oakwood Theme Park for 40 hours over five days. Roller coaster enthusiast Mark Lewis, 44, rode Megafobia a total of 497 times to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. His son, Ryan, was treated at the hospital three months after […]

Soarin' at EPCOT Could Be Hang Gliding in Different Locales Soon

Soarin’ at EPCOT is a family friendly flight simulator that takes riders on a hang glider tour of various locations around California. Not only do riders experience high quality video in an IMAX-type format and sound as wind whips across their face but they also experience the smells associated with each location. Source:

Thunderbird a First for Holiday World and B&M

After 66 days of waiting and more clues than one can count, Holiday World finally let the cat or should I say bird out of the bag. Tonight, Thunderbird was officially unveiled to the adoring public during a live stream beamed directly from Santa Claus, IN. The crowd was definitely not disappointed by Thunderbird, the […]


The nation’s first launched wing coaster will take flight over Holiday World in 2015. Named Thunderbird, Holiday World’s first major steel roller coaster will feature a zero-to-60 miles-per-hour launch in 3.5 seconds, followed by multiple inversions – including a 14-story Immelmann loop, Zero-g roll, barrel roll, and loop. Continuing Holiday World’s tradition of sending roller […]