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Blue Streak, Cedar Point’s iconic wooden roller coaster, will be celebrating a milestone this year. Having debuted on May 23, 1964 this year marks its 50th year exciting riders who come to Cedar Point looking for thrills. Bryan Edwards, Public Relations Manager for Cedar Point stated, “I would venture no other coaster in any other park is purposely named after a high school.” He is referring to the fact that the wooden roller coaster, designed and built by Philadelphia Toboggan Company, was named after the Sandusky High School football team, known as “The Blue Streaks”.

Cedar Point had no roller coaster for the better part of a decade after it removed Cyclone in 1951. Blue Streak was the first roller coaster to begin the resurgence of the roller coaster into the park. Since Blue Streak was a hit with guests, it led to more roller coasters being added to Cedar Point’s ride collection, including Cedar Creek Mine Ride (1969), Corkscrew (1976), Gemini (1978) and Jr. Gemini (1979). Magnum XL-200 was added in 1989 so it will turn 25 this year as well.

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Blue Streak features an “out and back design”, which essentially is a design that has one lift hill immediately after leaving the station. After the initial drop the train speeds to the farthest end of the track then performs a 180 degree turn returning to the station. In the midst of all that, there are hills providing ample air time for thrill seekers. When Blue Streak was originally constructed, Cedar Point financed $200,000 to construct the wooden roller coaster. The coaster was originally unpainted and later obtained the pale blue color everyone has come to recognize.

While Blue Streak is not a record-breaker, it remains a beloved coaster at the park and continually appears in annual roller coaster polls. For example, in 2013, Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Awards saw Blue Streak ranked 27th among wooden roller coasters in the world.



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