Baby Food Policy at Canada’s Wonderland

Vaughan, Ontario – 


Melissa Hart, mother of a 1 year old baby boy, Max, had a very upsetting weekend at Canada’s Wonderland. According to a report by Huffington Post, Melissa was denied her son’s baby food into the park by a gate employee, who tried to reinforced the park’s no outside food or beverage policy.

Allegedly, Melissa was carrying with her a peanut butter sandwich, yogurt, and fruit cup. Once she arrived at the gates and her bag was checked she was denied the baby food and given the choice to choose one snack to bring inside. Further upsetting the mother, she spoke to park security, who told her they would allow her to bring the baby lunch inside this time, but they could not guarantee they would be allowed to do so again.

Offended by the park’s actions, Melissa decided to get a refund for her season passes, which she had just bought a few minutes earlier that morning. She commented “Dear Wonderland, I’m sorry that my child screwed with your profits so badly by bringing his three items with him.” She also shared that she would not be returning to the park.

In her blog titled “Naps and Sprinkles,” Melissa wrote about her experience at the park regarding the situation, also claiming to have overheard something similar occur between another family. She also pointed out a two and a half hour drive to the park, making it for a very stressful day. “I’ve honest to god never been so shocked by such insane treatment in my entire life,” she commented.

Park spokesperson, Dineen Beaver, commented on the situation, saying that toddler and baby food could be brought into the park. He added that he would be reinforcing the rule with all of the gate employees.

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