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We attended the media day on April 27 2013 We were able to experience new rides and attractions that they included the new Bigger , Better , Snoopy  below are the new 8 rides new for 2013 in planet snoopy :

The eight new family rides in Planet Snoopy include:

  •  Charlie Brown’s Wind Up

Hop on with Charlie Brown and swing through the air on Charlie Brown’s Wind Up.

  • Flying Ace Balloon Race

Up, up and away! Soar high into the sky in a hot air balloon that climbs 37 feet into the air.

  •  Linus Launcher

Let’s go! Tilt up, let your feet dangle and feel as if you are flying through thin air on Linus Launcher.

  • Lucy’s Tugboat

Come aboard and set sail on the high seas with Lucy and your family by your side on Lucy’s Tugboat.

  •  Snoopy’s Junction

All aboard the only PEANUTSTM – themed railroad at Kings Dominion, as Woodstock and Snoopy lead the way on Snoopy’s Junction.

  • Snoopy’s Rocket Express

Blast off with this rocket – themed monorail that gives your entire family an aerial view of Snoopy’s playhouse.

  • Snoopy’s Space Buggies

Defy gravity and bounce your way to the moon on Snoopy’s Space Buggies.

  • Woodstock Whirlybirds

Take the kids for a spin around on the classic teacups with a Woodstock twist

In addition to these new rides they have added a new food place calle sweet fawg which is gourmet frozen yogurt overall the new update to the area is unbelievable and much needed upgrade for kids.

  • Here is a Video of the new Bigger Better Snoopy:

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