Busch Gardens Williamsburg – Bomb Threat

A piece of paper was found near the England area of Busch Gardens Williamsburg on Sunday around 3:30 p.m. that forced officials to close the park. According to HamptonRoads.com a note threatening a bomb was found in the area, which prompted officials to shut down that area of the park. No one was able to go in our out.

According to several Twitter users, cars were being diverted at the entrance, not being allowed to park. In the park, park guests were told over the loud speakers that the England section had been closed. That is the area of the park where guests enter and exit. According to reports, as of 4:30 nothing had been found, and guests were being diverted to other exits within the park. All attractions and shops in the England section of the park were closed, but the rest of the park remained opened, and everyone unaware of anything happening.

It’s not uncommon for parks and other busy places to get bomb threats on occasion. Earlier this year Universal Orlando closed the parking garage, and were diverting people to taxi’s due to a vehicle with a “suspicious odor”. There was nothing found in the vehicle, but parks do not take any chances when it comes to guest safety.


The situation is now under control and Busch Gardens has released an official statement via statement:

Shortly after 3 p.m. on Sunday, June 29, Busch Gardens’ officials began evacuating the park’s England village after an employee received information regarding a bomb threat. James City County authorities were notified. Guests and employees were escorted out of the England village and the park was closed for approximately 10 minutes. Nothing was found, and the park reopened. Out of an abundance of caution, the England village remains closed at this time. Guests entering or leaving the park are being escorted to an alternate park entrance.

Guests in the park have said that Busch Gardens handled the situation so well that they barely knew anything was happening. The area has been reopened around 5:45. Good job to Busch Gardens for making a potential bad situation good for guests.

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