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Sandusky, OH –

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2014 is starting to take shape at Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio. The trend for the past few summers has been to make the effort of modernizing the park. Two summers ago the park updated the night time show bringing Luminosity as well as a new lighting package for the front of the park. Last year, park guests were thrilled by the addition of Gate Keeper and a revitalized park entrance. The summer of 2014 is promising a revamp of another section of the park; The Gemini Midway, the addition of restaurants, and a new General Manager.

This summer Cedar Point turns their attention back to the family as they update the Gemini Midway near the back of the park. In addition to revamping the area Cedar Point is adding two brand new family style rides. The first is called Lake Erie Eagles; a classic family ride in which riders will swing from a suspended car with eagle themed painting. The cars will hang from arms 28 feet in the air as they are spun in a circular motion and passengers are swung outward. Guests will have the unique opportunity to control their flight by maneuvering a flap that will change their ride from mild to wild. Lake Erie Eagles has a 36 inch minimum to ride with a responsible person or 46 inch requirement to fly solo.

The other new addition to the midway is Pipe Scream; a family ride with a bit of a thrill. The ride will rock riders back and forth along 300 feet of track, reaching 43 feet in the air, and a top speed of 40 miles per hour. Guests will be arranged in three rows of five facing each other from opposite sides. The ride unit itself will spin riders as the ride crests the 40 foot spikes and a small hill in the middle. Riders must be 42 inches to ride with a responsible person or 48 inches to ride alone.

There is more than rides coming to Cedar Point this summer. Along with the addition of Lake Erie Eagles and Pipe Scream, the Ohio theme park welcomes some East Coast flavor. Cedar Point will be adding a Chickie’s and Pete’s restaurant. Chickie’s and Pete’s is a Philadelphia based sports bar according to FOX 8 Cleveland. The Philadelphia restaurant is commonly known for their “Crab Fries” all along the East Coast in several locations including many sporting arenas. According to the Chickie’s and Pete’s legend, the perfect seasoning took several years create. Other menu items at Chickie’s and Pete’s include, buffalo wings, nachos, sea food, pizzas, and burgers.

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