Fury Delivers the Fury on Media Day at Carowinds


The states of North and South Carolina were a big buzz today as Carowinds unveiled their world record breaking coaster Fury 325. Media and coaster enthusiasts arrived to a beautiful scene as Fury 325 wound its way across and under the new entrance area of the park. The new entrance garners a new and refreshing entrance for guests as they arrive glancing into the eyes of the riders on the coaster. As you walk across the bridge, you can watch the train dive under you into a tunnel and come out behind you as it races back to the station.

Fury 325 opened with speeches from the VP and GM of Carowinds welcoming everyone, a speech from Rob Decker explaining how the ride came about and finished up with the ribbon cutting ceremony. Fireworks and a confetti shower opened up the ride as the first rider auction winners boarded the first train. The ride was an instant hit as riders were screaming for joy and thumbs were raised high in the air.

The day finished up with rides on Intimidator and the new Slingshot and a dinner with all the new items the park will be offering this season. Fury 325 is sure going to be a dream for coaster enthusiasts and will be a boom for the Carolinas.




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