Planning and Creativity the Keys to Banshee’s Success

© COASTER-net, Andrew Rybarczyk This past weekend, Kings Island’s newest coaster, Banshee, opened to rave review to roller coaster enthusiasts, media and park guests. Thursday marked the first official rides of Banshee when roller coaster enthusiast clubs and media were...
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Universal Studios Hollywood Introduces New Theme Area

Mayhem comes to Universal Studios Hollywood

Kentucky Kingdom on a Path to Success

Louisville, Kentucky – Kentucky Kingdom is set to reopen later this spring under new ownership. With its reopening comes a bag of mixed emotions from park guests. While many are excited to see this once booming amusement park, there are...
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Human Remains Discovered at Sea World San Antonio

San Antonio, TX - © KSTV Everyone is up for a good mystery book or television show from time to time, but when that mystery becomes real life, things are much different. According to WPTV in San Antonio, Texas, human...
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