Lawsuit Filed Against Knoebels Amusement Park

A lawsuit has been filed against Knoebels Amusement Park in Elysburg, Pennsylvania after a 2012 incident on the Italian Trapeze attraction. According to, a couple from Numidia is suing the park in which Joseph Tomcavage allegedly suffered severe and permanent injuries from a fall of about 15 feet off the “swing ride” in the park. The couple is seeking $50,000 in damages and is asking for a jury trial on the matter.

According to the article, Tomcavage was riding the swing ride, and as it was coming to a stop, his seat broke away, and he fell from the seat to the ground. The man says that no employee came to his aid, the ride operator abandoned her post, and he sustained broken fingers, and had excessive pain from head to toe. The claim also says he went through multiple X-rays and MRIs and there are still more to come. The claim also includes mental anguish, humiliation, and loss of earnings.


The couple suing is claiming negligence from the park and failing to have appropriate and enforced weight restrictions. They also accuse the park of not securely fastening the man into the seat. In addition to the park, H.H. Knoebel Sons Inc., Knoebels Three Ponds, Knoebel Family Associates, and family members Barbara Knoebel, Richard A. Knoebel, Brian Knoebel and Richard L. Knoebel were named defendants in the suit.

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