New Details About Wonder Mountain’s Guardian Emerge

Vaughan, Canada –

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Despite being announced last August, details still remain sketchy as to what the new dark ride debuting at Canada’s Wonderland for 2014 will actually be like. This week, new details have emerged about Wonder Mountain’s Guardian created by Triotech. First we already know that this will be a $10 million 4D dark ride attraction that will be housed inside the iconic central mountain at the park. Before entering the mountain though, riders will climb 60 feet at what is being described as a coaster lift hill. Riders wearing 3D glasses will then enter the mountain and experience a number of different special effects as they battle monsters and creatures with laser guns. This interaction will be competitive as well because riders will gain points for each target. Earnest Yale, founder of Triotech said, “It’s going to be better than what you’ve seen at Disney or Universal. We also have learned that much of this action will play out over long curved screens, one of which will be the longest ever constructed. Still unknown is whether or not any of the elements inside the ride would classify it as a roller coaster. Such a distinction would bring the park’s total coaster count up to 17.

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