Political Controversy over "Frozen" at EPCOT


One of the hottest animated movies to come out of Disney since the Lion King has caused an international controversy in Orlando which is not something that you typically see in everyday theme park happenings. According to dailyfinance.com, Norway is upset with how Disney’s Epcot center is handling the Frozen phenomenon that has swept the nation by storm over the past year. The back of the Epcot is where the World Showcase is located. This is where international countries host and help finance pavilions that feature merchandise, restaurants, and attractions. Norway is one of only two countries that have an actual ride as a part of their pavilion. The country has said that the days of the Maelstrom boat ride may be coming to an end.

According to the article, there has been wide speculation that the ride could be closing soon to make way for a new ride that will relate to the film Frozen. News agencies in Norway say that the country is going to stop funding the pavilion and the ride could close as early as October to make way for the new Frozen ride. Disney claims that they have offered a deal where Norway would pay $9 million in order to update the pavilion as a platform for the country.

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Disney also states that they were taken off guard of the success of the movie and the Norway area of the park began seeing an influx of visitors. The stores began removing merchandise off the shelves of stores to put in Frozen merchandise and added a meet and greet area so that children could meet the two princesses from the movie. The movie takes place in a fictional land called Arendelle, but the movie animators went to Norway to bring a Scandinavian sense to the movie. The country is upset because it seems that the platform is promoting more of a fictional land than the culture and lifestyle of Norway.



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