SeaWorld Planning on Expanding into the Middle East

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Last month, SeaWorld reached a tentative agreement that would allow for the building of theme parks in the Middle East. The park would not say specifically which company they entered into an agreement, but did say the company has “an established track record of opening and operating world-class attractions.” Also not stated was the number of parks that would be built or where exactly in the Middle East the park could be located. However, in 2008 SeaWorld did have plans to build in the Middle East. That plan had a series of parks being built which included a SeaWorld park, a Busch Gardens park, and an Aquatica park in Dubai that ultimately did not come to fruition because of economic troubles. SeaWorld President and Chief Executive Jim Atchison stated, “We feel very good about the likelihood of this discussion of coming to fruition of us building these parks. I would say our confidence is very high in it.” SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment currently owns eleven parks throughout America including its namesake SeaWorld but also Busch Gardens and all partner waterparks.

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