The Original Disneyland Employee Passes Away

Anaheim, CA – 


The original cast member at Disneyland has passed away at the age of 97. According a park release, Disney legend Milt Albright was considered to be the first person ever hired to work at Disneyland. Albright officially started working as the manager of the accounting department in 1954, however he was actually hired as a junior accountant for the Disney Studio in 1947. In 1953, Albright caught wind that the park was going to have a miniature car ride and so he began to construct his own car in a garage. Milt said he spend nights working on his fiberglass car for over eight months until he finished. He hauled the car into the studio. “I hauled it to the Studio,” he recalled. “Walt drove it, but didn’t think much of the design. Nevertheless, it made an impression on him, and eventually I was transferred to the payroll department of Disneyland Inc.”

Albright was eventually called to work out of Anaheim as an Idea Man and helped with the creations of Grad Nite, Date Night, and the Magic Kingdom Club. In 1957, he was named the manager of Holidayland. In 1961, when the land was closed, Milt moved to Group Sales and in the 1970s was appointed the manager of Special Projects. In 1992, Albright finally retired as the manager of Guest Communications. Albright leaves a lasting legacy that all Disney workers and Imagineers can strive for.

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