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The company discusses with the owners the ease fees and details of the project, including: AEP may refrain from setting up a new service in a property that is the subject of an intervention or when prohibited activities take place. The ASP may also require an owner to eliminate an intervention at the owner`s expense. The company cooperates with landowners at every stage of the process. The ASP tries to reconcile the concerns and preferences of landowners with the need for an electrical infrastructure for the location of rights of way. Landowners can use real estate with ease for a variety of applications, including; AEP Transmission acquires the necessary facilities through negotiation and cooperation with landowners, as far as practical, in order to reach a voluntary agreement. Only if a voluntary agreement is not reached and there are no viable alternatives will the final option of exercising the right to an area of excellence be pursued. Eminent domain is described in the U.S. Constitution and state law. When a property is taken by an important estate, the land is condemned and the owner of the land receives only compensation. The AEP also pays for damage to crops and/or property damage caused by the construction and/or maintenance of the transmission line.

. The use of exceptional domain quality by EPAs is more the exception than the rule. Ninety-eight per cent of the negotiations to facilitate the task are successful. AEP Transmission recently purchased more than 3,500 facilities – a total of 906 miles of transmission line — for projects approved by local authorities in several states. Of these packages, only 61 (or 1.71 per cent) required the use of an important area. In some of these cases, acquisition by an important area was necessary simply because the country did not have clear title, so a conviction was necessary. Examples of prohibited facilitation interventions are that any object or activity that may affect the safe and reliable operation of transmission equipment is classified as an intervention and is prohibited under the conditions of the acquisition of a remedy. AEP will defend the facilities it has acquired to ensure the reliable operation of its transmission system.

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