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Hospitalization agreements may vary, please contact Alliance Healthcare for more information. In any case, now that Alliance has lost the ability to deliver the MSD range, which boils down to many common products, Alliance is no longer able to be the only wholesaler to use, whether it likes it or not – AAH and Alliance are on an equal footing. AAH secured various smaller solus agreements (z.B. Ferring pharma) earlier this year, but MSD is their first solus contract to supply the community pharmacy with a major product manufacturer. The AAH has had numerous Solus agreements on hospital contracts for some time, but so far none of its Solus contracts will have as much effect. Honestly, I don`t think a solus deal is good news, but while this news could be a short-term hurdle for AAH, it could offer some unexpected benefits later. I wouldn`t want Alliance to be too big for his boots… “Since the introduction of Pfizer`s Solus distribution model in March, several surveys have been launched with pharmacists and each has shown that this specific model has caused problems for community pharmacies,” said Steve Dunn, CEO of AAH Pharmaceuticals. Examples of problems cited by pharmacists are lower order delays, reduced discounts, no fixed delivery times and pharmacy quotas that cause availability problems for Pfizer drugs, as well as increased red tape and bureaucracy. This is hardly an attractive result, especially at a time when pharmacists can and should offer more services to patients, Dunn adds. However, Deloitte City Financial Advisor sees some value in the Pfizer decision, both for the drug manufacturer and for the broader pharmaceutical community. Dean Arnold, partner at Deloitte and head of health for Europe, admits the decision is a double-edged sword for British pharmacists.

“Much of the initial focus was on Pfizer`s distribution agreements, especially since UniChem was initially exclusively named. Pfizer`s original intent was not a basic care agreement, and while some parties worked hard to highlight their perceived “mistakes” in this particular model, UniChem`s primary goal was to ensure the safety and continuity of patient care in Pfizer drugs,” he explains.

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