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There’s more than meets the eye at Disneyland. It has a lot of history. The park is filled with hundreds of secrets that many people never even know about. Here’s a few.
1. Club 33
In New Orleans Square, if you walk by, all you’ll see is a door with 33 on the side. It’s not on the map, and they don’t talk about it. But it’s something. It’s a secret restaurant which Walt built to entertain his closest guests. Now it’s a private club which costs thousands of dollars to join and has about a 10 year wait list. I have been fortunate enough to dine here once, and it was really amazing. it is the only place in Disneyland that serves alcohol.
2. There’s something underground
That’s right. They have underground tunnels for staff to get from one place in the park to the other easily. They also have break rooms.
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3. Basketball
On top of the Matterhorn there is half a basketball court for staff to use. They installed this so that Disneyland could get recognized as a sports facility.
4. Walt Disney’s Apartment
Walt Disney had a private apartment above the fire station in Main Street. It remains there untouched and unopened to the public. There is a light in the window that they always leave on in remembrance of him. They only turn it off when his family members are in the park, out of respect for them.
5. Tick Tick Tick
If you’re at the New Orleans train station, you’ll hear a bunch of ticking. It’s Walt’s opening day speech in Morse code.
6. Hidden Surprises
All throughout the resort, movies, and everything Disney there are hidden Mickeys. A hidden Mickey consists of a large circle, and two smaller circles above the larger one. Supposedly there is no official record of them but people have made books consisting of ones they have found.
7. Disneyland was supposed to fail
Before the park opened in 1955, critics said that it wouldn’t last more than a week. Opening day was a disaster. It was nationally televised, but they had a plumbing problem. Walt had to choose between the water fountains of the bathrooms, so naturally the he chose the bathrooms. There was a huge water shortage, on a hot day. Sure enough though, Disneyland went on to be a huge success.
8. It works!
The drawbridge from the Castle actually works as a real drawbridge. However, it has only been raised and lowered twice; once on opening day, and once in the 1980’s when Fantasyland was remodeled and reopened.
9. The first! The Biggest!
Disneyland has a few firsts and even biggest. The monorail was the first monorail ever built in the western hemisphere. The Matterhorn was the first tubular steel track roller coaster. The parking garage is the largest parking garage in the world.
10. They’ll Never Leave
There are two attractions in Disneyland that Walt insisted never be removed; the carousel, and the train.
Hope you enjoyed some interesting secrets! There’s a lot more than just this! let us know what you think about all of this in the comments.

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