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Kings Dominion Announces Dinosaurs Alive! for 2012

Dinosaurs Alive! is a multi-sensory and interactive dinosaur park that brings inspiration, science and technology together at Kings Dominion.  Guests also hear the sounds and see the movements of 36 full-size creations made to replicate nearly every feature of the dinosaurs.

Old Virginia

Near Grizzly roller coaster

Attraction area

Distance of walking path
3000 feet

Number of Dinosaurs

Interactive Dinosaurs

Types of Dinosaurs

Huayangosaurus Deinonychus Triceratops
Mamenchiasaurus Tenontosaurus Tyrannosaurus Rex
Ruyangosaurus Giganteous Hererasaurus Amargasaurus
Parasaurolophus Carnotosaurus Monoclonius
Ouranosaurus Baryonyx Dyoplosaurus
Olorosaurus Irritator Pachycepholsaurus
Pachyrhinosaurus Spinosaurus Albertosaurus
Kosmoceratops Allosaurus Yangchuanosaurus
Mojoceratops Stegosaurus Chasmosaurus


Pack Attack Predator Ridge
Fish Eaters Frills, Clubs, Platees
Predataor Trap Flash Flood
Kids Paleontological Dig Site

Dinosaurs Alive! is a pay-per-experience attraction and is not included with general admission or a season pass to Kings Dominion.


Dinosaurs Unearthed
British Columbia, Canada

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