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The document is not currently available to non-members. Non-members who wish to see the document should speak directly to a member, for example. B via the register of registered practices: members.landscapeinstitute.org/li-registered-practice-directory/. People can also engage on social networks with feeds #chooselandscape Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for regular updates and examples of people already working in different sectors of the landscape profession. Poppy Smith, #chooselandscape Campaign Manager at the Landscape Institute, said: “The Landscape Institute will advance this campaign over the next few years to ensure that we join the issues between training providers, employers, professional organizations and other organizations working in the landscape, so that everyone understands the exciting opportunities and skills that are needed to pursue a career in the landscape. See an inspiring short film about landscapes and listen to young people who have chosen landscape as their careers – Learn more about the different career opportunities and courses that can help you find a job in the landscape – Read people`s blogs, working and learning about their lives in different landscapes, with “Day in the life” profiles that show exactly what it`s all about – See examples of how great landscapes make a difference for our world – Subscribe to the newsletter #chooselandscape By combining the training resources and knowledge of both organizations, the partnership offers space managers and landscape professionals unparalleled opportunities to develop and learn. Practitioners responsible for managing our urban centres, public spaces and local environments will be better equipped to attract businesses and jobs, preserve public spaces for all and prepare for future economic and environmental challenges. The Landscape Institute (LI) is the royal charter of landscape architects. He represents experts in the United Kingdom who, in Urban and Rural Landscape Planning, Design and Management Works Guide to Procedure for Competitive Tendering March 2003 The Landscape Institute 33 Great Portland Street London W1W 8QG Tel: `44 (0)20 7299 4500 Fax: `44 (0)20 72994501 e-mail: mail@landscapeinstitute.org 52. THE CLIENT AND LANDSCAPE CONSULTANT S ARE GENERALLY 2.1.

Good collaboration between the client and the landscape consultant can make a significant contribution to the success of a project. The time spent in preliminary interviews with the landscape consultant is well spent. The client should review the needs of the project and discuss whether they can be achieved within a necessary budget and program. The Landscape Institute recommends that clients have a clear understanding of the total cost of advisory services, including projected costs and payments.

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