Universal Hollywood Opens Their Own Raptor Encounter

PRESS RELEASE: The ferocious predatory Velociraptors that gained notoriety in the Jurassic Park blockbuster movies and sprang to life in “Jurassic Park—The Ride” at Universal Studios Hollywood will be unleashed in an all-new exciting “Raptors Encounter” experience at The Entertainment Capital of L.A. that pits guests in a daring face-to-face standoff with these terrifying, now free-roaming carnivores. Source: coaster-net.com

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Dollywood Inspects Rides Daily to Prevent Accidents

Dollywood draws tremendous numbers of visitors to our area each year, and many of them are looking for the thrill they get from roller coasters. WATE 6 On Your Side went behind the scenes at the theme park to see how the park makes sure you are safe on those rides. Source: coaster-net.com

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ZDT’s New Wooden Roller Coaster to Set World Record

Attention all roller coaster enthusiasts: ZDT’s Amusement Park’s newest ride should thrill adrenaline junkies as it’s on schedule to set a new world record for the steepest wooden coaster with an incline at 87 degrees. Following an announcement on the park’s Facebook page, owner Danny Donhauser said not only will The Switchback be the first modern wooden shuttle coaster, it …

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Shanghai Disney Trading Main Street for the Garden of the Twelve Friends

Walt Disney Co. will roll out attractions based on “Star Wars” and Marvel superheroes at its new Shanghai theme park when the $5.5-billion facility opens next year, Chairman and Chief Executive Bob Iger said here Wednesday as the company kicked its publicity efforts for the long-in-the-making resort into high gear.. Source: coaster-net.com

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Tayto Park: Over 100,000 ride New Cooden Coaster in Just 7 Weeks

Europe’s largest wooden rollercoaster, which travels at speeds of over 100kph, was opened on June 7 and since then tens of thousands of people young and old have travelled from all over the world to give it a whirl. Figures released from Tayto Park show that over 2,100 people ride the coaster every day, with one person riding it over …

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