SeaWorld Barbie is No More

The SeaWorld Barbie doll has been tossed overboard. Mattel confirmed Friday that its licensing agreement with SeaWorld will not be extended. SeaWorld has come under fire for its treatment of killer whales, or orcas, after the sharply critical documentary “Blackfish” aired in theaters in the summer of 2013 and on CNN in the fall of that year. Source:

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Holiday World's Thunderbird: Out To Launch

The barn shakes with anticipation. Lights flicker and hearts pound with adrenaline. A thunderclap, its sound piped through speakers, reverberates through the line of eager riders. Nervous laughter follows. Two-by-two riders are strapped into the nation’s first launched wing roller coaster, legs dangling over nothing. The train inches forward to an opening. Source:

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Impulse Opens at Knoebels

  The suspense ended Saturday at Knoebels Amusement Resort as the Impulse roller coaster did indeed open to the public on opening day of the park’s 79th season of operation. Brian Knoebel, one of the park operators who, with other members of the fourth generation of the family, was involved in bringing the new steel roller coaster to life, said …

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Karnan's Oath Coaster Set to Debut at Hansa Park

German theme park will introduce a first-of-a-kind attraction featuring a 240-foot-tall high-speed hyper-coaster sandwiched between a pair of medieval-themed dark ride experiences. Set to debut this summer at Hansa Park, Karnan’s Oath: Beware of Its Spell will join two other dark ride-coaster combos built by Gerstlauer at the park: The Curse of Novgorod and the Snake from Midgard. Source:

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SeaWorld Orlando Announces Plans for 200 Foot Coaster

PRESS RELEASE: Something is stirring beneath the surface at SeaWorld Orlando, preparing to rise from the ocean depths and soar to thrilling new heights. Get ready for the frenzy of SeaWorld’s new 200-foot-tall coaster. In 2016, this thriller will take its place atop the food chain as Orlando’s tallest, fastest and longest coaster. Source:

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