Live Shows at Diagon Alley Find Inspiration from Books

When it came to creating authentic live entertainment for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Diagon Alley, the folks at Universal Orlando Entertainment really went by the book. “Which book?” you ask. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets — a single sentence from that 1998 J.K. Source:

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Disney World Pulls EPCOT Starbucks Mug with Purple Monorail

Walt Disney World is pulling one of its exclusive new Starbucks coffee mugs sold at Epcot, because the mug’s design includes one of Disney’s monorails with a purple stripe. The controversy: Disney’s Monorail Purple was involved in a deadly 2009 crash in which Monorail Pink backed into the purple train, killing its pilot, 21-year-old Austin Wuennenberg. Source:

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Roller Coaster Fun in Costa Rica

Many of the roller coaster attractions at the Parque Nacional de Diversiones (National Amusement Park) in Costa Rica have already thrilled and entertained thousands of riders in other countries. Such is the case of Boomerang, a thrilling roller coaster designed and built by the dependable Dutch firm Vekoma. Boomerang was rescued from Playcenter, a Brazilian amusement park located in the …

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Dark Ride or Dive Coaster in 2016 for Cedar Point?

Rumors have been flying for about 10 days that Cedar Point in Sandusky is planning to add a dive coaster to its renowned stable of roller coasters. But one well-versed observer of the park — and the theme-amusement park industry in general — is convinced otherwise. “A dark ride is what’s next up for Cedar Point,” Gary Slade, publisher of …

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Dania Beach Hurricane and Boomers Close For Good

The bumper cars came to rest for the last time Sunday at Boomers, a family entertainment center in Dania Beach. A message on Boomers’ website Monday reported: “We are now closed. Thank you.” Last week, the website warned that Sunday, Jan. 25, would be its last day of operation. Source:

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