Human Remains Discovered at Sea World San Antonio

San Antonio, TX – © KSTV Everyone is up for a good mystery book or television show from time to time, but when that mystery becomes real life, things are much different. According to WPTV in San Antonio, Texas, human remains have been found on the property of Sea World San Antonio. Police say that the remains were discovered in …

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Dress Code Change at Adventure Island in the UK

Southend, United Kingdom – As the weather turns from a gloomy gray to a bright and sunny blue, it is human nature to want to show off our bodies no matter what we look like. Amusement and theme parks around the world have to deal with dress codes in their own ways especially in the summer time heat. One park …

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A Look Back at Proposal to Ban Orca Shows at SeaWorld

With all of the SeaWorld/Blackfish debate. lets take a look back at the proposal that has now been put on the shelf until later this year. This proposal led by Chairman of the Parks and Wildlife Committee, Anthony Rendon, was introduced earlier this month against SeaWorld. The proposal was aimed at SeaWorld’s orca whales and tried to ban the park …

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NAMTAB Forever headed to Six Flags Over Texas

Arlington, TX – © Six Flags Six Flags Over Texas has announced that for the summer of 2014, they will be turning the popular Batman inverted coaster in reverse. Since the ride was first introduced in 1999, it has delivered countless thrills that have given riders a unique floorless perspective as they hung from the track above. When the ride …

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Battlestar Galactica Powering Down in Singapore

Sentosa Island, Singapore – battlestar-galactica-powering-down-in-singapore-xvQG.jpg There has been much speculation over the past year about what exactly will happen to the Battlestar Galactica Ride at Universal Studios in Singapore. The ride has had a very negative past with the ride being shut down on multiple occasions. According to Yahoo! News, the ride may be permanently close and removed in order …

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