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Rampage at Alabama Splash Adventure Reopens

Coaster enthusiasts around the world love when there is news of a new ride being built, but the same can be said for a ride that has been closed for a long time and being reopened. This is exactly what is happening at Alabama Splash Adventure. This past weekend, the park opened up the recently renovated Rampage wooden roller coaster. The coaster originally opened in 1998, but when the park closed the doors the coaster sat idle.

According to the Tuscaloosa News, this past weekend, the park opened up the coaster for the American Coaster Enthusiasts group if they wanted to be the first to ride the coaster. The park was closed to the public, but the general public will be able to ride the ride when the park opens for the 2015 season in May. The massive wooded coaster reaches a height of 120 feet and has a max speed of 56 miles per hour. The coaster has lived through two park names and then a complete closure of the ride park as the park only operated as a water park.

Over the past several months, the restoration of Rampage has included replacement of 1,400 boards and supports and a complete rehaul of the 28 passenger train. “We’re very excited to bring Rampage back to the public,” said Dan Koch, one of the owners of Alabama Splash Adventure. “It’s a great ride, and it’ll be a thrill to see Alabama’s signature roller coaster entertaining our guests once again.”
Source: coaster-net.com

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