Resident Evil Attraction Allows Guest to Kill Zombies


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This past Halloween Universal Orlando unveiled a haunted house based on the hugely popular video game and movie series Resident Evil. Unbeknownst to most Americans though, Universal Studios Osaka opened up their own Resident Evil attraction that goes beyond just being scared by the zombies and monsters living in the world of Resident Evil. Over the summer, the park opened Resident Evil: The Real which is a walk-through attraction that allows the guest to both become immersed in the world of Resident Evil but more exciting is the ability to actually take part in the action. Before entering the walk-through attraction, guests are each given fake guns that have a predetermined amount of virtual bullets. The goal of the guest is to shoot as many zombies and creatures as possible. The attraction has two different areas to walk through. The first stage is the Raccoon City Police Department and the second is the Umbrella Research Center. The entire attraction is said to last about five to ten minutes. Once completed though, guests can take a breather and have a meal at the Resident Evil themed restaurant that is connected to the attraction. Hopefully brains are not on the menu!

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