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B. If the product is an application, Activision`s installation and use is limited to an authorized device, unless it is expressly approved by Activision in writing; and you are prohibited from making a copy of the app available on a network where it could be used or downloaded by multiple users. We may give you all or part of this agreement at any time without notice. You cannot cede the agreement or transfer rights to use the services. If you are a registered user of social media websites, you can possibly connect your social media account and your Activision account (if this feature is enabled for your corresponding Activision account). Their social media accounts are subject to their own conditions to third parties. You recognize and accept that your social media account provider is not responsible for your Activision account, including all responsibilities related to your use of your Activision account, and that, whether you use an anonymous tag or username as soon as you connect your Activision account to your social media account, your real name is available and accessible by your social media “friends.” For more information on social networks, see Activision`s privacy policy at www.activision.com/legal/privacy-policy. First Dispute Resolution: Activision`s customer service is available by phone (310) 255-2050) or on the Internet, support.activision.com/ to account for the product. Most of the concerns are quickly resolved to the satisfaction of our customers. The parties do their best to resolve disputes, claims, issues or disputes directly through fair consultation and negotiation, a precondition for the subpoena of an appeal or arbitration proceeding.

x. Ray, copy, aggregate, distribute, edit, reproduce or reuse user information (whether it is user-specific or as an aggregation) information accessible through the product. You understand that access to the product can lead to access to the names, screen names, email addresses and other information of other users, as defined in the privacy policy under www.activision.com/legal/privacy-policy (“Personal Data”), is protected by applicable data protection and data protection laws and regulations. You understand, recognize and accept that other users` personal data is Activision`s confidential information. A. The product may include message cards, content sharing features and other ways that allow you to share the content you create (“UGC”), as well as other users. In the maximum allowed by law, you grant Activision activision, which is fully granted, by filing UGC (including, but not limited to, images, videos, customer contributions, submissions of ideas, proposals and posts of information) that you automatically grant (or ensure and guaranteed that the owner of these rights has expressly granted), activision unlimited activity, worldwide, free of charge, irrevocable rights and licenses, not exclusive for use, reproduction, modification, adaptation, publication, translation, sublicensing, creation of derivative works and dissemination of such UGC content or for the integration of such UGC content in any form, medium or technology that is now known or developed later throughout the universe , and accept that Activision has the right to fully use the UGC for any commercial or other purpose, without compensation, announcement or imputation.

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