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Veniceland to be Built Atop Toxic Waste

This Friday the city of Venice held a meeting with representatives from Zamperla Company and local residents to discuss the future park Veniceland, which will be located on a man made island. The island used to be used to test weapons by the company Beretta and according to the Venice News, still contains heavy metals and build up dioxins.

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Gerstlauer Fires Back at Six Flags with New Accusations in NTG Accident

A few weeks after Six Flags laid blame on the train's ride manufacturer for last summer's accidental death on New Texas Giant, Gerstlauer shot back with new claims that the park refused seatbelts to be placed on the ride when it was remodeled and opened in 2011.

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Resident Evil Attraction Allows Guest to Kill Zombies

This past Halloween Universal Orlando unveiled a haunted house based on the hugely popular video game and movie series Resident Evil. Unbeknownst to most Americans though, Universal Studios Osaka opened up their own Resident Evil attraction that goes beyond just being scared by the zombies and monsters living in the world of Resident Evil.

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