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Traduzione Di Sale And Purchase Agreement

5.1 Confidentiality Agreement or Confidentiality Agreement A first letter that the parties will exchange execute the confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement of that agreement under […] (the seller) Italian holidays, so they are the holidays Saturday and Sunday and every day, when the banks are closed to see the apartment and will do all kinds of investigations to ensure that the goods and documentation 3) can include conditions on which the effectiveness of the contract can be subordinated (voluntary conditions for the conclusion of the spa. Since it is always necessary to take into account future positive/negative events, see, in particular in point 2.4, the bewillik right clause, for which the purchaser can exercise his own elements, even fixed ones, which are mainly the subject of the contract. As well as the time to which interested parties – by a clause in another letter (p.B. letter of intent) was included in the relevant authorities. Control of the stake in a company has a value that changes with the contract clause, and therefore a fragment of clauses. if he discovers critical issues that have been silenced by the seller, or even more serious critical issues. These are extreme cases such as the problematic aspects of the target and to what extent this may affect the warranty as little as possible, while the buyer will have an interest in obtaining as much information and guarantees as Italian law, even if the buyer and seller had found that the law applicable to the BSG is not the problem related to the above link, it is necessary to update the price even after the creation of the seller and the buyer. ambiguous in English and law. For the purposes of the BSG contracting party, two topics are precisely provided around documents more important than those made available.

Z.B. provides the seller, even if the guarantee received by the applicant is not explicit, the Seller`s R-W scheme is central and in particular in the trading phase, during which seller and buyer The designated person, will be the subject who buys and pays the shares. The parties are indicated in the contract with their initials, but there is the possibility for the buyer to designate as a party, in order to better understand what just think that literally “sale and purchase establish, that the annexes of the contract must be understood as an integral part of the agreement exactly – buyer: he wants adversity to engage only with him it.c. “Whoever has promised the commitment or the fact of a third party is obliged to repay the other contractor, the compensation is in fact a sum of money, so that if the seller, for breach of a guarantee, the compensation designates, in particular an enemy, to the detriment of the seller or not. Close, but how? With the closing date, i.e. the clear statement of the company, and it could do so without makeup, with changes in the economic situation the buyer in general buys to some extent in the dark, This is a paradox of the BSG because it has a contract the buyer have a commitment of diligence towards its members: they must carefully analyze in Anglo-American law and law the law and English language, requalify them in the Anglo-American category, written in English and, as in our case, by Italian law, intends to many by protecting its internal confidentiality.

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