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UNU-WIDER is a leading international think tank on development economics. The Institute provides economic analysis and policy advice to promote sustainable and equitable development for all. In 1985, the Institute was the first research centre of the United Nations University in Helsinki, Finland. Today, it is a unique blend of think tanks, research institutes and UN agency – a range of services ranging from political advice to governments to original research that is open access. For more information on UNU-WIDER`s current work programme, see www.wider.unu.edu. For administrative staff, the first order is normally scheduled for a one-year term. These temporary appointments may then be extended for up to four years, provided they are satisfactory. The terms of service of PPE staff are not governed by the status and rules of the United Nations, but only by UNU staff policy. The terms of use of the people who act as consultants are directly related to the task defined in the contract. An advisor may not accumulate more than twenty-four months of accumulated service for a period of 36 consecutive months. A Special Service Agreement (SSA) is a contractual arrangement within the United Nations system, which establishes a legal relationship between the organization and the person when the person is a contractor or service provider and not an agent. This arrangement is often used for very short contracts when the organization does not want to shoulder the burden of the complex bureaucracy associated with hiring a new employee and dealing with complex applications and benefits.

For academic staff, the first order is normally scheduled for a one-year term. Post-appointment is subject to satisfactory service and is limited to a maximum of three years. The sum of these temporary appointments (start and extension dates) may not normally exceed six years. All positions are temporary appointments. A temporary appointment has no legal or other expectation of an extension or transformation, regardless of the length of service.

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