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Most guidelines provide that VPAs may have to be registered on the title of the country to which the agreements relate. However, the policies do not waive the circumstances or considerations relevant to this matter and do not discuss procedural issues relevant to registration. Most directives require that VPA litigation be negotiated. No one is planning to find a dispute on technical issues arising from the agreements. The Ministry of Planning, Industry and the Environment this week released public consultation papers on proposed reforms as part of NSW`s infrastructure contribution. The reforms relate to the funding mechanisms of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act of 1979, where municipalities and public authorities collect contributions from infrastructure developers, voluntary planning agreements (VAs), contributions under sections 7.11 and 7.12, and infrastructure-specific contributions. This idea of giving public benefits to developers implies that the developer brings some of the development gain to a public benefit, it`s not just about limiting development costs. However, VPAs should not be registered outside the planning system to ensure contributions that are completely disconnected from development or that make development unacceptable. Home > infocus > The Governance and Probity Framework for Voluntary Planning Agreements in NSW A number of changes are proposed in the planning regulations to increase transparency and improve public confidence in the infrastructure contribution system. A draft amending regulation has been published for review. Many of these amendments introduce additional reporting obligations for boards and planning authorities with respect to perceived development contributions and planning agreements.

This requirement appears to be at odds to some extent with the idea that VPAs should offer flexibility and support innovative solutions, and may limit the nature of public services or infrastructure that could be provided under a VPA. It is also questionable whether the Council should have already included the appropriate infrastructure in its contribution plan, if the infrastructure is included in its strategic plans. The public interest serves as fair and enforceable planning controls for the common good and fairness among proponents. Given the public nature and purpose of the FPA, the parties do not have the same freedom to negotiate as in a trade agreement. In the VPA, there is always “public interest” and “probability” to consider. Prime Code of Planning Agreement, as noted in the registry As noted in the previous article entitled “Voluntary Planning Agreements in NSW – Ten Years Later,” July 12, 2015, Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPAs) have become an important planning tool under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (“Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979”). , which allows planning authorities to achieve funding for public infrastructure. , facilities and services needed to support redevelopment in the growth areas of the concentration zone and established urban areas and, where appropriate, to obtain valuable additional benefits for the Community.

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