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Winter Chill-Out a Huge Success


Sandusky, OH –

Over 600 coaster enthusiasts braved the cold and snow to take a trip through Cedar Point today. The event raised $27,000 for Give Kids the World Village. A few interesting tidbits of information were released during the event:

1. Dodgem and Calypso (new name Tiki Twirl) will be moved to the newly revamped Wicked Twister Midway. The kiddie Dodgem will be moved to Planet Snoopy (new name Joe Cool Dodgem School)
2. The Turnpike Cars and Sir Rub a Dub Tubs will be removed.
3. A new store on the Main Midway will open called The Sweet Spot
4. A picture of Outlaw Run was shown….hmmmm????
5. A new fire pit social area will be added to the beach area of Hotel Breakers
6. The marina gate will be revamped
7. The Lakeside Pavillion along the beach has been completely revamped
8. Rougarou will have a media day for media only, followed by a first rider auction, followed by a season pass holder preview in the evening.
9. Another big surprise was the ability to sit in the Rougarou train and take a picture!
10. Maverick will be getting new restraints! They will be like the ones on I-305

In addition to all this information, guests were treated to a spectacular lunch as well as a spectacular view of the park. Overall it was a great event amongst friends that won’t soon be forgotten!

Source: coaster-net.com

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